To promote international understanding and educational opportunities, 7EIE actively recruits Asian students (especially Chinese) to attend U.S. high schools and universities. 7EIE has established agreements with specific U.S. high schools and universities so we have a whole line of programs to fit every need for studying in the U.S. for either short-term or long-term. With our expertise and knowledge of the U.S. education system, we advise students the best plan to accomplish their goals of attending U.S. academic institutions.

Short or Long Term Studies

For short-term studies, 7EIE specializes in arranging specially tailored summer classes designed to improve students’ English abilities, enhance their experience with American and other international students, and maximize their exposure to business environments.

For long-term degree seeking studies, 7EIE not only helps students from application to visa interview, but also provides support after they arrive in the US. Acceptance in a school is only the beginning of an important journey. Studying in a foreign country is both exciting and difficult, and we understand the unique challenges a student faces when adjusting to a new environment. We are available to help students solve their problems, advise them on class selection and areas of study, and adapt new study methods.

We also encourage students to seek opportunities in social activities, scholarships and internships. These extra-curricular activities can not only ease the financial burden on families but also help the student socially. This unique and personal support offered by 7EIE is critical for our students in integrating in a new environment, making new friends, and succeeding in their academic goals. We realize the students that are well-adjusted not only perform better but are happier and more likely to succeed. As a side benefit we also know that parents will worry a little less about their children living so far from home when they are happy, making new friends and succeeding.


For brochures on programs arranged with our featured schools and/or to work as our educational representative in China or elsewhere, please contact us. With our experience in student visa applications and relationships with our academic partner schools, our sponsored students have a strong likelihood of receiving their U.S. visas.

Where we help:

  • School curriculum, special programs, cost projections
  • Application procedures
  • Student visa (including visa interview preparation)
  • Internships with American companies
  • Host family sponsorship or other housing arrangements
  • Travel opportunities
We represent the following universities that offer conditional admissions (no English is required for admission):

  • University of Washington
  • University of California Riverside
  • University of Idaho
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Lewis-Clark State College
  • California State University, Long Beach
  • Pacific States University (located in L.A.) *
  • California State University, L.A. *
  • Boston University *

*Note: English tests such as TOEFL are still required for enrolling to degree programs.
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