Host Families for International High School Students

Have you considered becoming a host family for an International High School Student? We are in need of host families today! Our company actively recruits Asian students to study High School throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Our students are not really any different than every other child. We want to find safe environments where the students can live, study and learn about our culture and lifestyle. When a host family opens their home they open a doorway to a new experience, a new culture and a new member of the family. The experience is rewarding for both the student and the family, and the bonds that form usually last a lifetime.

We ask that host families provide room and board, transportation (use of public transportation is fine if convenient), and a loving and stable family environment. Host families receive a stipend of $550 per month to assist with expenses. Students will be responsible for personal expenses and maintaining health insurance.

Why Become a Host Family?

Help a Student
Help your Community
Help Your County

Part of the Family

Our kids will quickly become part of your family. They will fit right in as a family member and become an integral part of your daily routine.


Ready for Adventure

Our students are adventurous and excited about coming to America. They want to experience every part of living in America. We want our host families to treat our kids just like their own and make them a part of all your activities.


Share in Their Lives

Being a host family provides rewards for everyone. We want our families to take pride in what they have made possible for our students and be a part of their accomplishments and lives.

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Being a Host Family is One of the Most Rewarding Experiences You Can Have

You will get back more that you can ever imagine!

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