Will I find it difficult if I do not have any knowledge of the Chinese language or culture?

Our company is fully equipped with a Chinese Language Translation Service. With native speakers on our staff we ensure that all documents are proof-read with extreme caution before translating them into Chinese. We also provide service for web-site localization, software localization, and localization of text and graphical content for the Chinese market. We provide our clients the support needed to ensure that all communications between U.S. and Chinese operations are correct and understandable by both sides. Our combination of native Chinese and U.S. technical professionals gives our company a crucial competitive edge in today’s global marketplace.

How does your company work through Manufacturing Process Issues and Distribution Issues?

After we’ve identified the best suppliers for your product, our Chinese staff will stand behind the quality of the work we source, and continue to partner with you to maintain a high standard of quality control. Many of our clients find it much more cost effective to use our product inspection team. This saves them the time and money of having to continually send their staff to China, or the need to have a full time office in China to monitor this critical function. Our direct connection with China and our strategically placed office in Boise, Idaho is a powerful combination to combat manufacturing process issues.

What is Vendor selection?

Vendor selection is the selection of a vendor that best meets the supply requirements of a company. Our team has a thorough knowledge of the local business culture on your side of the bargaining table. Our team also has a thorough knowledge of the Chinese business culture and is fully equipped to help you in your selection process. Through multiple-client pricing, our buying power increases, which in-turn brings better pricing to our clients. It also makes it possible for us to match our clients’ products with the most cost effective vendor, as production technology changes over time.

What is Manufacturing site-selection, and how do you go about the site-selection process?

Selection criteria is the requirements (wants and needs) used to choose a location; the specifications for choosing a property, such as an available building, or a real estate site. Selection criteria may be developed and distributed using project specification forms or questionnaires.
7EIE is equipped with the knowledge, the materials, and the connections to assist you in the process of locating a manufacturing facility and training new employees.
We will help you design an efficient factory layout and operation process.
7EIE conducts supply chain analysis and advise you of the most efficient distribution process.
7EIE will walk you through the process of establishing your business in China.

What exactly is sourcing, or out-sourcing?

Outsourcing is an agreement concluded between a business and a third party for the ongoing management and the improvement of activities related to a part or to the whole of:

  • -business functions (e.g. human resources, marketing, payroll, billing)
  • an infrastructure (e.g. information systems, security systems, telecommunications networks)
  • -operating processes (e.g. procurement of raw materials, industrial production, operation of a telecommunications network).
  • Outsourcing includes a fixed-limit contractual arrangement covering transfer of the business processes. It may also include a transfer of assets and human resources. Customers focus on defining the results to obtain, leaving the out-sourcer the responsibility to deliver them.