Welcome to 7EIE

7EIE has a synergistic team of engineers and business professionals, focused on saving you time and resources to communicate your needs and wants through sourcing. Our team has a thorough knowledge of the local business culture on your side of the bargaining table. This is the premier strength of our Chinese staff.

After we’ve identified the best suppliers for your product, our Chinese staff will stand behind the quality of the work we source, and continue to partner with you to maintain a high standard of quality control. Many of our clients find it much more cost effective to use our product inspection team. This saves them the time and money of having to continually send their staff to China, or the need to have a full time office in China to monitor this critical function.

Through multiple-client pricing, our buying power increases, which in-turn brings better pricing to our clients. It also makes it possible for us to match our clients’ products with the most cost effective vendor, as production technology changes over time.

Who is 7EIE?

Our Company Mission
The 7EIE Philosophy
The 7EIEPromise
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Our Skills

Manufacturing Expertise 100
R&D Support 100
Education Placement 100
Chinese Language 100

Meet Our Team

Ying DoneganEducation Placement
Ying’s specialty is in manufacturing operation set-up, supply chain analysis and manufacturing outsourcing in China. She serves on Idaho Export Council, Consults in international trade and exporter issues.
Mary PribbleResearch Consultant
Mary brings her clients a solid background in research, marketing, and U.S. export regulations–as well as 10 years experience in economic intelligence analysis. She has extensive inter-cultural experience, both personally and professionally.
Steven ZhangAdvertising Consultant
Steven has 19+ years of experience in broad based Advertising promotions, Internet web design and Fine art illustration.